According to the Company philosophy aimed to constantly improve the product, the service and the customers assistance as well as their final satisfaction, we are also focusing on the study and development of the technological process.

The “clean air “ heat generator

An important peculiarity of the new system is the innovative “clean air” heat generator which completely excludes the usual contact of the product with the combustion ashes, needed for the coffee roasting process. By this way the coffee’s organoleptic features are emphasized.

9001 UNI ISO Certification

Always committed to improve the production process efficency, on January 2004 the Company obtained the 9001 UNI ISO QUALITY CERTIFICATE for the “quality management system”. This Certficate was released by the Iqnet Company and renewed in 2010 with the new certificate release: the 9001:2008 ISO.

The respect of the certified proceedings allowed to obtain important improvements among Company management and also brought benefits in the relationship with our Partners. This result is also confirmed by the positive feedback coming from our Customers.

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